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What are the precautions for the selection of cosmetics packaging materials?

What are the precautions for the selection of cosmetics packaging materials? Several basic matters that cosmetic brands should pay attention to when purchasing packaging materials:

1. Content (material body) matching

First, determine the type of contents and then select the type of packaging materials. For example, the states of products such as facial cleanser, toner and facial mask are different, so the packaging materials used are also different. Therefore, when purchasing packaging materials, you should select suitable packaging materials according to the state characteristics of the products. You must use these packaging material samples to trial assemble the products to determine the matching of contents, and then place an order to produce packaging materials.

2. About Packing Material Proofing

After we select a certain packaging material and decide to produce it, we need to sign a contract with the packaging material manufacturer and pay the production deposit, and then the packaging material manufacturer will sample them according to our needs. Only after the sample is satisfactory can we produce large goods. Generally, there is no charge for the sample, because we have paid the production deposit.

3. Packaging material production and delivery cycle

The production cycle of most packaging materials is about 30 days, because it takes time (2-3 days) in the early stage of packaging material selection, and it also takes time (3-7 days) for sampling. If the packaging material samples need to be adjusted, it will take several days, so we should reserve at least 40 days in the entire packaging material production process.

4. Maturity of packaging materials

We often see a lot of very novel and strange cosmetic packaging materials. Before purchasing such packaging materials, we can consult the manufacturer to see whether the mold of such packaging materials is mature and whether such packaging materials have been verified in the market. There will be fewer problems with mature packaging materials.

5. About Packaging Process

The silk screen on the package includes ordinary ink and UV ink. The UV ink has good effect, luster and stereoscopic effect. The color should be confirmed by printing before production. The silk screen effect will be different in different materials.

The effect of gold and silver stamping is different from that of gold and silver printing powder. Hard materials and smooth surfaces are suitable for gold and silver stamping; If it is a soft surface, the hot stamping effect is not good and it is easy to fall off. The gloss of the hot stamping silver is better than that of the hot stamping silver.



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