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Anti Aging

Rhine Cosmetics Factory is a leading private label anti aging skin care supplier.


Our best sellers include VC series, Niacinamide series, Centella Asiatica series, 


Ceramide series and HA series, etc.


Eye Care

Rhine Cosmetics Factory is a professional private label eye care supplier since 1998. We provide anti-aging eye cream and eye serum, sleeping eye mask, etc. Contact us for free testing samples. 

Face Care

Rhine Cosmetics have been specialized in medium and high end cosmetic face care products for 24+ years. Our main products include face cleanser, toner, lotion, cream and serum, etc.

Lip Care

Founded in 1998, Rhine Cosmetics Factory is a professional oem organic lip care products manufacturer.  We can provide one stop private label lip scrub, lip balm and lip mask, etc. 

Body Care

Rhine Cosmetics is a top oem private label body care product manufacturer.   Body lotion, body scrub, slimming cream, stretch mark cream and breast   enhancement cream are offered.

Hand & Foot Care

Established in 1998, Rhine Cosmetics is a professional oem private label hand and foot care product manufacturer and supplier. Hand cream & lotion & foot mask are all available.

Hair Care

Guangzhou Baiyun Rhine Cosmetics Factory is a leading oem hair care manufacturer and supplier specializing in medium and high end anti hair loss shampoo and hair growth serum.

Men Care

Rhine Cosmetics have been specialized in men care product since 1998. Main products include beard oil and beard growth serum. Call us right now for quick quote and free testing samples!



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