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Precautions for transportation and storage of cosmetics

Transportation and storage are required after the factory of cosmetic processing, how can one guarantee that cosmetics are not damaged during transportation and that cosmetic storage is not deteriorated? Rhine cosmetic factory introduces you to transport and storage of skin care cosmetics with several precautions.

1、 Methods of cleaning and milk preservation

To allow the face milk to be used for longer, it is recommended that your bathroom be sure to have daily fenestrations or exhaust fans ventilated, give cosmetics "" detox, "" and also take care to tighten the bottle covers for the face milk. When placed in a humid environment, the face soap quickly softens or deforms, although it doesn't have to worry about deterioration because the composition of the face soap is stable and because it contains vegetable oils and essential oils, it is softer by itself. Do not let it lie in the saponin box after each wash, preferably stand up and put in a relatively ventilated place, which will allow it to dry as soon as possible and its shape is easier to maintain.

2、 Cosmetics fear "" heat contamination "" the most

Make up water has the potential for secondary contamination because the cotton sheets are not clean enough. After one opening of cosmetic cotton, be sure to seal the orifices tightly. Additionally, for cosmetics, heat is also a "" contaminant "" and it is believed that many people have had a similar experience: it was actually warm when the cosmetic cabinet experimented with cosmetic water, which was originally roasted by the lights. Too high a temperature can cause cosmetic water to deteriorate more quickly and is also a type of "" contamination, "" so cosmetic water must not be placed near the light source.

3、 UV light disrupts pigmentation in cosmetic varieties

Many driving people will put make-up packs in cars, and intense UV light can easily make oils and spices in sunscreens oxidise, damage pigments, and thus deactivate some ingredients. And they mostly come in plastic tube packs, where when sun is exposed, plastics can deform or even melt, releasing chemicals that indirectly contaminate sunscreens and finally can lead to negative effects on your skin.

4、 Beauty refrigerator is unnecessary

The cosmetics are prepared at normal room temperature, so the cosmetics can remain stable at room temperature even in summer. Some friends will buy beauty mini refrigerators to store cosmetics. In fact, when cosmetics are put in the mini refrigerator and taken out, sudden changes in temperature and frequent shaking will easily deteriorate the skin care products and affect your normal use.

Many people are used to putting the facial mask in the refrigerator, and it will be particularly cool when applying the facial mask, which is really a bad habit. It turns out that in the transition from extreme heat to extreme cold, you enjoy a short period of fast ganging at the cost of huge skin irritation. In this process, it is easy to cause invisible wounds on the skin, causing skin inflammation, which is the most important inducement for skin aging, and pigment precipitation may also follow.

5、 Lipstick "sweats" don't worry

The basic component of lipstick is wax, which is a particularly stable substance. Lipstick can be said to be the most stable and quality-guaranteed thing in cosmetics. Even if you sweat, you can still use it with confidence. When the weather is hot, when you open the lipstick, you will often see a thin layer of water, just like lipstick is "sweating". When you encounter such a situation, you will always have some worries, always wondering whether it has deteriorated. In fact, such worries are basically superfluous.

6、 Eye black life

In European countries, many manufacturers set the storage life of lipstick at 5 years. In addition, the shelf life of eye black is only 3-6 months. Directly pulling out and plugging back will push air into the tube and accelerate the oxidation and deterioration of eye black. It is best to pull out the eyelash brush in a spiral way, and then push the brush head back into the eyelash tube in a spiral way after use.

7、 Body milk preservation

Before storage, cream care products should be wiped with alcohol containing make-up water or diluted 75% alcohol, and then put back into the original packaging box in a cool place (no need to put back into the refrigerator). After such treatment, not only the product quality can be maintained, but also some residual bacteria can be killed. The maintenance products that are not used temporarily should be placed in a ventilated and cool place, or in a dry drawer, and should not be directly exposed to the sun or in the bathroom. It is a wrong practice to put maintenance products in the refrigerator. Too low a temperature is not good for maintenance products at all. At the same time, the temperature difference inside and outside the refrigerator and in and out will promote the deterioration of maintenance products in advance. It will be better to put toner and facial mask in the refrigerator. However, body milk or face cream can be stored at normal temperature, and it will deteriorate more easily if it is taken out of the refrigerator for use. If you just take it out for use and put it back immediately, you can also put body milk or face cream in the refrigerator. However, it is reasonable to say that when using body milk and face cream, you should first warm them with your hands, and then cover your face with your hands for a while.



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