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How to find an excellent cosmetics manufacturer

Core tip: With the development of the cosmetics market, more and more people want to join this industry. At this time, many cosmetic OEM manufacturers can provide a lot of convenience for everyone. However, how to find excellent cosmetic OEM manufacturers has become a major problem.

Looking at the hot situation in the cosmetics market, many people feel that this market has greater potential, so they have invested in this industry. Especially now there are many cosmetics OEM manufacturers, which makes it easier to establish a cosmetics brand. But with more and more cosmetic OEM manufacturers, how to find excellent cosmetic OEM manufacturers in the face of these good and bad manufacturers? We suggest that you learn from four aspects: seeing, hearing, inquiring and touching!


At the first meeting or inspection, we can see whether the cosmetics OEM factory has sufficient strength, whether the personnel quality is high or not, and whether there is etiquette in dealing with people through the temperament of the other party and the factory environment, hardware and software of the cosmetics OEM factory. If it is at Meibo, you can see whether their exhibition hall has a brand image, whether there are abundant product models, and whether the technicians have opinions beyond those of ordinary cosmetics industry practitioners.


Listening is listening. It is called listening to what is said and observing what is done. Sometimes many secrets are revealed from the words of dialogue. If you exaggerate the introduction of your own factory, you will often show your weaknesses without the following words. For example, just now I said that my production capacity is 40000 yuan per day, and later I said that 2 million yuan per month is OK. Everyone who can multiply the formula knows that there is a ghost in it. In a word, pay close attention to every sentence and every data. When appropriate, you should ask about the contradictions and see the reaction and expression of the other party. A really powerful big company gives pragmatic answers to customers' questions. In order to maintain the company's image, its promises are well founded, and what can't be done can't be done directly.


Ask more about the other party's internal operation, how to connect with customers, the principle of the formula, etc. If you are a professional cosmetic OEM factory, you will answer with flow. Even the junior employees are at least familiar with the situation of the factory. If the other party cannot answer the questions, or the words of coping, such as "Don't worry about this, no problem, probably..." you should pay attention, Either this receptionist is really low level, or the factory is not as good as they advertised.


Go to the workshop in person, or try to cooperate with one or two models first, to see if the other party can cooperate enough when the whole process comes down, whether they are committed to their products, and whether they can be as enthusiastic about their grass-roots employees as they are about themselves. We must send a trusted subordinate to go to the factory more often, collect more information about the factory when debugging the sample, and bring it back for our own analysis and judgment. If you are a big factory like Guangzhou Rhine, you can feel professional and pay attention to details in the process of making samples. If you are a small workshop, you will show your usual working attitude, and the service quality and product quality are often not satisfactory.

Guangzhou Baiyun Rhine Cosmetics Factory is a new type of cosmetics processing factory with complete equipment, which is specialized in the research and development of biotechnology formula for medium and high-end skin care products and the production of products. It has a variety of qualifications, such as Xiaozi, Makeup, Wax based unit and membrane powder unit, and has a 100000 level clean workshop. Rhine has strong R&D technical force and advanced and complete production equipment. It has an exclusive invention patent, and has established R&D centers with Sun Yat sen University and Guangzhou Artists Association Biomedical Research Institute successively to gain customers' long-term trust with strict product quality control. Welcome major brands to come to visit and establish long-term cooperation!



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